Honeymoon by Martha Stoumen

The wine: 2018 Honeymoon by Martha Stoumen The place: Martha Stoumen Wines, local Northern California wine shops The price: $34.00 “This wine tasted like honey in a glass – it was perfectly round with the most delicate balance of sweetness.” Every once in a while you find a really special bottle of wine – oneContinue reading “Honeymoon by Martha Stoumen”

October 21, 2019

* please excuse my ugly harvest hands/nails. The wine: Foggy Veil Hillside Selection 2017 The place: Trader Joe’s The price: $12.99 This wine is a Rhône-style blend from Santa Barbara County. The 2017 vintage saw a wine with 78% Syrah and 22% Grenache (two quintessential Rhône grapes). This wine was green and floral on theContinue reading “October 21, 2019”

October 7, 2019

The wine: FREEDA Rosé Trevenezie The place: Trader Joe’s The price: $8.99 A rosé in October? When the weather’s 80°F all week, anything is possible. This rosé from Northeastern Italy is full bodied with huge fruity (peach, strawberry, watermelon) and floral notes. You don’t really find a glass like this at many places that haveContinue reading “October 7, 2019”