Honeymoon by Martha Stoumen

The wine: 2018 Honeymoon by Martha Stoumen

The place: Martha Stoumen Wines, local Northern California wine shops

The price: $34.00

“This wine tasted like honey in a glass – it was perfectly round with the most delicate balance of sweetness.”

Every once in a while you find a really special bottle of wine – one that is worth biting the bullet for and paying $20 for shipping for because you won’t find this exact bottle ever again. For me this year that special bottle is the one and only Martha Stoumen’s 2018 Honeymoon. This French Colombard and Chardonnay (?!?!?) blend is straight honey in a glass. Colombard is often looked over and regarded as a “lesser” grape, used in small percentages for blending or fluffing up a wine. On the other hand, the notorious Chardonnay is often found on its own either as White Burgundy or varietelly showcased as the favorite child in Napa Valley (ie “Napa Valley Chardonnay”). However, Honeymoon presents a beautiful side of both grapes that you don’t often see and has a perfectly round mouthfeel with the most delicate balance of sweetness. Upon reading the tasting notes about this wine, I was hesitant to purchase because the 2 grams/liter of residual sugar (due to some botrytized Colombard) sounded like quite a lot for me as a person who doesn’t normally prefer “sweet wines.” However, I tried this wine at the 2019 Wine Call (natural wine event) in San Francisco and I immediately fell into the honeymoon stage and had to buy a bottle of my own before this wine was gone. The sweetness was not overwhelming and was in fact balanced by a full, favorable acid that meshed with the residual sugar to craft a truly beautiful, golden wine.

***Pro tip – Martha Stoumen is a producer who often rotates the wines she is producing depending on the grapes of that vintage, so if you truly love a wine of hers you should buy it when it’s available because it may literally never exist again. Martha (fellow Davis alum) is amazing and definitely worth checking out! Instagram: @marthastoumen

Affordability: 7

Presentability: 10

Aroma: 8

Balance: 10

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