October 7, 2019

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The wine: FREEDA Rosé Trevenezie

The place: Trader Joe’s

The price: $8.99

A rosé in October? When the weather’s 80°F all week, anything is possible. This rosé from Northeastern Italy is full bodied with huge fruity (peach, strawberry, watermelon) and floral notes. You don’t really find a glass like this at many places that have rosé on the menu. This is almost the opposite of a Provençal-style bottle – and I’m in full support of the change. For this price, this bottle is an ultimate steal from Trader Joe’s and I found it worth every penny. Get it before they swap out their inventory for the season! The occasion: Day or night. Summer, or whenever the weather is sunny and warm. Drink this wine solo or paired with barbecue. The sweetness of BBQ sauce will heighten the fruity aromas in the wine and create a delectable culinary experience! This wine has no vintage.

Affordability: 10

Presentability: 10

Aroma: 10

Balance: 10

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